Infertility is the diagnosis when natural conception does not produce a desired pregnancy.  

The cause can be pathology in the male and/or female reproductive system. 











Our female bodies are in it’s full prime reproductive state from the time we have had our menarche, the  onset of our period. As we become older, around the 40’s our hormone levels change gradually. This decline will produce lesser egg quality and a change in FSH, the follicle-stimulating hormone. As the ovaries decline in function, our bodies produce more FSH in order to induce ovulation. A blood test showing a FSH  level above 10 indicates that our ovarian function is in decline and it is more difficult to become pregnant. The two other hormones, estrogen and progesterone, also decrease during our ageing process and causing a thinning of the endometrium, the inner lining  of the womb. All these  factors are vital for a pregnancy and implantation of an embryo.

Infertility is not only due to our natural ageing process. An imbalance in our hormonal system may result in irregular periods and/or period  problems, failure to ovulate. Your physician might suggest a blood test to check thyroid and hormone levels. 







Polycystic ovaries, uterine myomas, fallopian tube blockages and endometriosis may also prevent a pregnancy. Additionally  vaginal  and cervical  infections can change the  vaginal  mucous and discharge can kill and /or inhibit  the sperms. There may be also antibodies in the vaginal mucous which affect the sperms.

In my clinic I come across all of the above mentioned diagnoses for infertility. In Chinese Medicine we diagnose the underlying pattern or reason why we suffer from a particular symptom complex or disease in the first place. 

In order to become pregnant and carry a pregnancy full term, the Yin,Yang, Qi, Blood Qi and Kidney Jing must all be perfectly balanced.   

The following Chinese Medicine pattern relate to the following Western Medicine diagnoses :



may produce ovulation problems, thin endometrium, poor quality of follicles and eggs, unbalanced hormonal system (low estrogen and progesterone and high FSH) and low libido.


may cause stress, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, adhesions, ovarian cystitis, fallopian tube blockage and uterine fibroids, 


may cause infections of fallopian tubes, vagina, cervix and pelvic area.  





Male infertility in western medical terms can be due to testicular problems. Testosterone and sperm cells are produced in the testicles. 

Mumps, glandular infections , mycoplasma , infections of a different nature and STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) can affect sperm quality and motility. Increased testicular temperature, like in the occurrence of varicocele ( twisted varicose vein ), can cause problems and damage to sperm cells. A blockage in the vas deferens ( tube which carries sperms) may be blocked and can be caused by chronic cold external temperatures. Also emotional problems regards sexuality can impact the male reproductive function.  An overactive immune system can affect sperm quality, sperm count and motility. 






may be the cause for ejaculation problems, autoimmunity, low testosterone, low semen volume, low sperm count and motility . 


may be responsible for low libido, erectile dysfunction.


may cause deficient sperm size, blockage of ejaculatory ducts and varicocele .


may cause infections and damage to sperm cells.

By treating the Chinese Medical pattern with acupuncture we are able to balance the body’s energy and organ activity. Chinese Medicine uses the terminology of ” The Fire Of Ming Men”. Ming Men is the triangle area between the kidneys, and the “Fire” is t the accumulation of our Kidney Yin, Kidney Yang, Kidney Qi and Kidney Jing. Kidney Jing is the ” Essence” , the necessary Substance in our body. Jing gives us our inherited DNA heritage, Jing determines the efficiency of our immune system . Jing and Yin help to restore our hormonal balance and facilitate a step towards conception and pregnancy. Nutritional advice will help you to eat foods which naturally enhance your fertility.






As a woman, mother of two young adult daughters as well as a practitioner, I have come to the conclusion that it is also of vital importance how we see us as women. Do I celebrate my femininity, how do I perceive my body ? What does sexuality and pregnancy mean to me ? What relationship do I have with my partner ? Is the relationship nurturing and do I view my partner as an equal. Am I emotionally and mentally stressed ? Do I have unresolved emotional  issues which I need to become aware of ? Treating ourselves and our bodies with kindness and respect and have the same attitude towards our partner is important and creates a warm and friendly environment where a pregnancy can thrive. Having enough quality time for myself as well as a couple supports a healthy pregnancy.

If you would like any further detailed information, you are welcome to ring me.