Flower Formulas are Vibrational Essences.They are made from the essence of thousands of flowers from all over the world that when combined produce a resonating frequency of a very precise specification.



Through using non-physical, non-chemical energy of plants, Flower Formulas have the effect of instantly regulating the flow of energy, thus enabling the body to function harmoniously. Flower Formulas are first assimilated into the circulatory system and connect to the nervous system via the meridians. This interaction occurs within a split second, creating an instant regulation of energy.

Light is vital for the survival of the Life Force or Qi or Energy. Without Light, life can not be sustained. It is the Energy of Light which is harnessed and stored by plants which we convert for sustenance.
The colours of the Flowers used in a Formula have a specific action on the levels of the body.


Every chemical element and every substance on the planet has its own characteristic pattern of energy frequency which can be related to the colour frequency. Every cell in the body vibrates on a colour frequency which is ordered and in harmony with the body chakras.

Colour plays a vital role in healing, energising and harmonising on different levels of the body.

Flower Formulas vibrate on specific colour frequencies to create instant harmony for EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL disharmony at each level of the body.