IVF is a procedure where fertilisation of the ova ( eggs) with the sperms takes place in vitro, outside the female body in a petri dish. Once fertilised, the embryo(s) will be implanted into the woman’s uterus. This  procedure is mainly applied if there are obstructions in the fallopian tubes, severe endometriosis, cervical problems, very low sperm count and unexplained infertility .






ACUPUNCTURE assists the IVF treatment and improves the success rate by 40% to 60% .

Acupuncture supports the growth of a healthy, embryo, can regulate oestrogen and progesterone levels, thereby thickening the endometrium, the inner lining of the womb. Research shows that Acupuncture increases uterine blood flow and assists the implantation and nourishment of the embryo.

Clinical observations show that about 50% of chemical pregnancies miscarry. Acupuncture strengthens the immune system and helps with  the side effects  of IVF drugs. Acupuncture reduces the stress level in your body, relaxes the body and helps to prevent uterine contractions , supports the thickening of the womb’s inner lining and improves the process of embryo implantation  and  can prevent miscarriage.

It is also important to improve the quality of your ovaries and its ova and the partner’s male sperm quality with Acupuncture up to 90 days prior to IVF. 

Clinical  trials have proven the efficiency of Acupuncture before, during and after IVF. Some fertility clinics offer Acupuncture while receiving IVF treatment. 

Pregnancy maintenance is being supported by regular Acupuncture treatments, your immune system is being enhanced and strengthened, amniotic fluid increased and hormone levels regulated and by tonifying  Kidney Yin energy. This also will help you to find adequate night sleep and increase your energy level.  

For benefits of Acupuncture during pregnancy, you may read our page ” Acupuncture in Pregnancy “.

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